• 01. Walk along the fence
  • 02. View from Marloth Park
  • 03. View from the sundowner place
  • 04. Family of lions
  • 05. Elefantenherde
  • 06. Crocodile River view
  • 07. Border of Marloth Park
  • 08. Rhinos near Marloth Park
  • 09. Herd of African buffaloes
  • 10.Blick vom Marloth Park
  • 11. view from Marloth Park on Kruger Park (2)
  • 12. view from Marloth Park on Kruger Park (4)
  • 13. Mountain Bike
  • 14. Wildebeest in Marloth Park
  • 15. Outlook on Crocodile River
  • 16. Hornbill
  • 17. Giraffe am Crocodile River
  • 18. Bush Walk
  • 200 buffaloes
  • Bush Centre Marloth
  • Elephant near fence
  • Mini Golf
  • The lions
  • Young elephant
  • bird on board
  • tourist information centre
  • view from Marloth
Inside Marloth Park (3000 hectares), the freedom of movement is remarkable. Tourists can ride a bicycle or go for a walk on their own through the African bush. Movement is not confined to the hotel. While walking along the Crocodile River, visitors can watch spectacular wildlife scenes in the adjacent Kruger National Park. Local restaurants and shops are easily accessible.
All of the above photos have been taken inside Marloth Park/from Marloth Park.


The view from Marloth Park over the Kruger National Park reminds many visitors to the Garden of Eden. Some days, you can observe lions hunting or playing with their cubs..

The King

Marloth Park is a unique project. It opened in 1972 as a holiday township. A large part of the park remained natural. There are no fences. The gardens remain in their original state. Marloth Park is separated by a fence and by the Crocodile River from Kruger Park. Within our park, there are giraffes, wildebeest, kudu, zebra, impala, bushbuck, warthog, baboon, vervet monkeys and other small game and a rich bird life. Meanwhile, the infrastructure of the natural park is very well developed.